Educators, Facilitators, Trainer and ACCT Challenge Course Practitioners

Empowering Trainers & Teachers with 
Learner Centric Pedagogies

Pivotal Learning is set up to empower educators, facilitators and trainers with “PIVOTAL” skills that enable a Learner-Centered Learning Environment to achieve our vision of LEARNERS FIRST. 
In a learner-centered learning environment, the focus is shifted from deliverance of content to learners’ needs. It also changes the role of a “TRAINER” or “TEACHER” to a FACILITATOR. This change of focus and role will greatly impact curriculum design as well as content delivery.

Lye Yen Kai, Founder, Pivotal Learning

Process Facilitation
Educator / Teacher Workshop
"More Of Them, Less Of Me"

We focus on practical & hands-on strategies to engage learners, create strong buy-ins and get your content to your students in a memorable fashion. Our strategies strengthen Lesson Enactment through facilitation and establishing Positive Classroom Culture

We have a range of workshops such as CCE Facilitation, PAL Facilitation, CCA Facilitation, PLC Team Leader Facilitation and Green Light Classroom. We work closely with Staff Developer to design and customise these workshops to teachers' learning needs. 

 We also deliver workshops in The Academy of Singapore Teachers since 2010.

Experiential Learning Facilitation
Trainer/Facilitator Workshop
"What? So What? Now What?"

We are known for our ability to codified training & facilitation skills. Instead of vague concepts, we provide specific and tangible skills ib the areas of facilitations. We provide workshops in 3 domains of facilitation: Experiential Learning Facilitation, Learning Facilitation and Process Facilitation

These are public workshops aimed to strengthen facilitation competencies among trainers and facilitators.

In 2020,we started offering online workshops that are very well received!! So JOIN US!

Ropes Course Practitioner Certification
ACCT Challenge Rope Course Practitioner
"Thinking Practitioner with Critical Eyes"

We were the first Professional Vendor Member (PVM, ACCT USA) to be accredited with ACCT Training & Certification Services in Asia in 2015. Our training and certification processes been peer reviewed by fellow Professional Vendors Members in Japan and USA.

Our trainings go beyond rote learning of procedures in challenge course environment. We focus on principles, in-depth thinking and critical observation. We move from a rigid thinking of RIGHT/WRONG into understanding. We based our certification on ACCT Standard.

Facilitation of strategic retreat and team building
Facilitating Strategic Retreat & Teambuilding
"Divergent, Emergent, Convergent"

The notion of having NEUTRAL Facilitators to facilitate discussions, forums and strategic retreats is catching up in Singapore. We have experience in facilitating both large scale forums as well as small group retreats. We are also skilled facilitators in the area of Teambuilding & Team Bonding sessions.

We work with both corporate clients and government agencies to create engaging and insightful retreat.
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