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Empowering Trainers & Teachers with 
Learner Centric Pedagogies

Pivotal Learning is set up to empower educators, facilitators and trainers with “PIVOTAL” skills that enable a Learner-Centered Learning Environment to achieve our vision of LEARNERS FIRST. In a learner-centered learning environment, the focus is shifted from deliverance of content to learners’ needs. It also changes the role of a “TRAINER” or “TEACHER” to a facilitator. This change of focus and role will greatly impact curriculum design as well as content delivery.


Our workshops focus on specific, practical and hands-on strategies as well as techniques that are research-based, classroom tested and brain-compatible. The "O" in our logo demonstrates the leverage point that is the core of our approach. 

The 3 coloured waves represent our 3E approach to our programs:



The process of engagement goes beyond just keeping participants active. It involves getting them curious, intrigued and create strong buy in.


This approach ensures participants go beyond cognitive understanding into full immersion of their learning experience. Frequently, it supports learners in separating what they thought they know from what they actually know. This is particularly important for skill-based learning.


It includes reflection, investigation, asking, probing and examining an experience. The goal of this approach is to connect the experience with learning objectives, deepen personal learning and support the transference of learning into individual context

Lye Yen Kai

MEd (K12, Adventure Education), C.MLP Pr, C. BBL, C. Impact Teaching, ACTA, ACCT CCM Pr., CPF (IAF, USA), CALC (WIAL, USA)


Yen Kai has more than 20 years of training and facilitating experience with educators. His passion is with the development of youths and “PASS IT ON”. 

He started Pivotal Learning in 2013 with the same vision in mind: development of youths and “PASS IT ON”. Practitioners, namely educators, facilitators and trainers are constantly interacting with our youths through classroom activities, workshops and camps.  Through Pivotal Learning, Yen Kai aspires to “PASS ON” the pivotal skill sets that he has been practising over the years to these practitioners who can then create a much larger reach to the youths. 

Yen Kai is a rare breed. In his pursuit of his vision, he is trained and certified in both soft and hard skills, in teaching and facilitating.

He is the only certified Brain-Based Learning Trainer by Eric Jensen (author of more than 25 books in the field of Brain-Based Learning). Eric's certification is the gold standard in the field and his stringent certification over 1.5 years ensure certfied trainers are keeping up with the rapid development in the field of neuroscience. 

In order to ensure that he is able to model these brain-based principles, Yen Kai went on to be certified by Dr. Rich Allen in Greenlight Classroom and High Impact Teaching. He is currently the only certified trainer in Asia by Dr Rich Allen.

In the area of Adventure and Experiential Learning Facilitation, he has attended multiple workshops with Project Adventure, USA (the founding organization in many of initiative games and learning theories in Experiential Learning) as well as High 5 Adventure Learning Center, USA.

He successfully got Pivotal Learning A also the only ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology, USA) certified Challenge Course Manager in Singapore. He successfully led Pivotal Learning to become The only accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) in Training and Certification for Challenge Course Practitioner with ACCT in 2015.

Yen Kai has worked with many schools, corporate clients as well as youths in his field of work. He regularly gives talks in conferences such as Outdoor Education Conference, Experiential Learning Forum and Brain-Expo in Hong Kong.

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