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Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner Training (5-Day)

Welcome to the Advanced Challenge Course Facilitator Training! This workshop is meant for experienced practitioners who want to acquire competencies to deal with non-routine situations and provide leadership to Basic Practitioner.

It provides you with the necessary competencies that focus on non-routine and leadership role according to the ACCT's Practitioner Certification Standard. The methodologies employed in this training are Competency Based, Scenario Based & Problem Based Learning. The intent of selecting these methodologies are to:

  1. Strengthen your “Thinking Practitioner” practices

  2. Add on a pair of “Critical Eyes” to see routine operation from a different perspective

  3. Cement ethical and educational considerations into your operation.

1.  Core Competencies

    1. Components in ACCT Standard
    2. Sphere of practices
    3. RAM documentation
    4. Incident and Accident Reporting
    5. Emergency Management Plan

2.  Technical Competencies

    1. Principle of safety points in self-rescue
    2. Prussiking, locking off abseil, stopping during abseil and abseil with auto-block.
    3. Setting up releasable abseil.
    4. Principles of rescue
    5. Type of rescue
    6. 2 type of load release: Pick up and cut away
    7. Rescue in Specialty Element
    8. Gear recovery scenario

3.  Facilitation Competencies

    1. Intentional sequencing and it impact
    2. Applying Challenge By Choice in sequencing
    3. Applying Multi-Level Sequencing Model in programme design
    4. Intentional Activity design

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