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Basic Challenge Course Practitioner Training (5-Day)

Welcome to the Basic Challenge Course Facilitator Training! This workshop is designed for new practitioners who like to pursuit the necessary skill sets to lead a group through a regular Challenge Course Program. It provides you with the following competencies that are according to the ACCT's Level I Practitioner Certification Standard:

1.  Core Competencies

    1. 3 Staff competencies
    2. Components in ACCT Standard
    3. Application of field RAM through P.E.E.P. and 4T.
    4. Reading and application of SOP and ISM.
    5. Other relevant documentation in Challenge Course environment.

2.  Technical Competencies

    1. Climbing equipment
    2. Fixtures in Challenge Course
    3. Climbing Equipment
    4. Low elements and spotting
    5. Dynamic Belay and Static Belay Techniques
    6. Set Up, Operation and Take Down of Dynamic, Static, Smart Static and Continuous Belay System.
    7. Set Up, Operation and Take Down of Specialty Elements.


3.  Facilitation Competencies

    1. Understanding 3 keys that support debriefing
    2. Connecting flow theory to its impact on debriefing.
    3. Learning 5 different framing techniques.
    4. Learning to facilitate personal goal setting.
    5. Understanding and applying the impact of Full Value Contract
    6. Experiential Learning Cycle and the 4 magic questions
    7. Applying funneling in question during debriefing.
    8. Applying different type of debriefing technique
    9. Comfort Zone theories, fear and avoidance behaviours
    10. Sequencing of ice-breaks and energisers
    11. Challenge By Choice application.

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