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Edgefield Secondary School
Very engaging – facilitators managed to switch strategies and engage us in different activities to sustain our interest. Pace were just right and Andrew is very knowledgeable and his delivery was good (Tabitha Lee)

I came to school with no idea/expectations about the day but I was pleasantly surprised, engaged and wasn’t sleepy at all J Thank you (Shakirah)

The techniques/strategies were out across in a “easy” way, very straight forward J Make me feel that is doable.

Riverside Secondary School
Initially I was apprehensive in attending the workshop as I thought it would be stressful. However it was conducted in a non-threatening and fun manner.

Hands on experiences, engaging, sharing of various ideas and practical ideas. Thank you! (Teh Ai Hoon)

Identification of possible pitfalls. Trainer is good. Explain how to facilitate to a class of 40. Space and trainer to student ration challenge. (Cheoh Pin)

Balestier Hill Secondary School
Like the flow.Learnt quite a few strategies and would wish there are more “pockets” of thinking time. Good to give us topics of the new CCE syllabus so we can “focus” on them a bit more while we ‘practise’.  (AiRin)

A serious attempt at linking the facilitation tools to the CCE classroom. Better if we be given a sample lesson and then to work out possible facilitation tools to apply.  (Tina Neoh)

“Teachers are one of the key players in the implementation of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), yet little research has been done on their role in the CCE classroom."

“Very little attention has been put on teachers,” 

observes Professor Lee Wing On, Dean of Education Research at NIE. 

“We assume that the teacher is the vehicle to implement policy and curriculum. 

We assume that they will do a good job.”

Citizenship Education in Dynamic Times                                                  

Prof. Lee Win On                                                  

ReED Vol 5, 2012 page 8                                                  

Professional Development for Teachers is identified as one of the five key elements of effective CCE programmes and implementation. Though, Schools are provided with CCE curriculum and guide to support teachers in the implementation of CCE curriculum, additional professional development will significantly help teachers moving from teaching to FACILITATING CCE lessons.

We have managed to customise and align our CCE Facilitation Workshops with the CSI Framework and engaging teaching strategies in the CCE Guides. This alignment creates a seamless learning and application of these framework and strategies in the CCE Lessons. 


  1. Acquire and apply critical facilitation skills required to facilitate CCE lessons.
  2. Integrating Content and Process Facilitation into the CSI Framework
  3. Deepen understanding and implementation of the CSI framework.
  4. Examine and experience various engaging structures for CCE lessons.
  5. Infusing CSI and structures into various trigger activities such as Poster, Case Study, Video screening, story telling and experiential learning activities.

Workshop Design:

Our workshop is designed utilising the following methodologies:

  1. Active Review & Structures for better Engagement for Discussion and Reflection.
  2. Experiential Learning Lesson structures to provide experience and hands on in facilitation.
  3. Competency Based Learning that engages teachers in the DOING more than the KNOWING.
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