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Welcome to the most demanding training in our curriculum!! This is probably the only training workshop we have that will require you to sit down and stay indoor most of the time. Most of us are hands-on individuals and love the great outdoors. For once, this training requires you to sit back and think about major management issues about Challenge Course in a classroom environment.

However, we promise to keep it as “adventurous” and experiential as possible. There will be no “DEATH BY POWER-POINT”.

This 3-day workshop looks at the “MANAGEMENT” component of  Challenge Course. We will be examining the following:

a)  Philosophy & Ethics

b)  Administration

c)  Human Resource Management

The training contents and assessments follow closely the latest version of Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT, USA) Practitioner Certification Standards for Challenge Course Manager. The ACCT standards is a widely accepted challenge course standard around the world and it provides standards in Design, Performance, Inspection, Operation, Training and Certification.

The methodology employed in this training is Facilitative Training. We will be engaging you with in-depth discussion, analysis and thinking about management issues around challenge courses. We have generally no specific answers to the three areas that we will be discussing; instead, we have lots of questions and examples. Each of you will bring to the table your valuable experiences, and at the end, our goal is for you to take away different thoughts, different ways of doing things and different perspectives.

Therefore, instead of providing a training manual, we will be providing you with lots of forms and articles to generate discussion and get your brain thinking.

The end goals of this workshop are responses to the following:

a)  Is My Organisation Doing What We Are Supposed To Do?

b) What Are We Doing?

c)  How Are We Doing?

Philosophies & Ethics

a)  Why are we doing what we are doing?

b)  Alignment of organizational mission, operation and activities

c)  Intentional programming through A.D.D.I.E

d)  Confidentiality & Ethics


a)  Risk Management documentation

b)  Standard Operating Procedure

c)  Descriptive versus Prescriptive SOP

d)  Participant screening process

e)  Incident & Accident Management Plan

f)  Emergency Management Plan

Human Resource Management

a)  Staff Job Description

b)  Staff Training

c)  Staff assessment & evaluation

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