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Engage, Experience, Enquire


Classroom Facilitation is beginning to become a critical part of staff professional development. Instead of using Chalk and Talk or Sage On The Stage pedagogy, schools and institutions are moving towards facilitated lesson.

The pedagogy is not NEW and been around for a while. This workshop focuses on application of Trigger Activities, Optimal Flow and employing of Discussion Structures to enrich discussion. 


  1. Acquire and apply critical facilitation skills required to facilitate classroom lessons.
  2. Incorporating an inquiry process into classroom setting
  3. Deepen understanding and implementation of the CSI inquiry process
  4. Examine and experience various engaging structures for lessons.
  5. Infusing CSI and structures into various trigger activities such as Poster, Case Study, Video screening, story telling and experiential learning activities.

Workshop Design:

Our workshop is designed utilising the following methodologies:

  1. Active Review & Structures for better Engagement for Discussion and Reflection.
  2. Experiential Learning Lesson structures to provide experience and hands on in facilitation.
  3. Competency Based Learning that engages teachers in the DOING more than the KNOWING.