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Deeper Conversations is the next level workshop for participants who completed EFS or for experienced experiential-learning facilitators. It deepens the concepts and skills covered in EFS, as well as additional skills that will create a safe environment for deeper conversations in experiential learning facilitation.

This workshop imparts skills and underpinning knowledge of going beyond surface-sharing, into layers of deeper-discovery type conversations during debriefing, The outcomes of this workshop are:

  • Defining Deeper Conversation
  • Distinctive understanding of Challenge By Choice and Comfort Zone Theory
  • Strategies of implementing Challenge By Choice
  • GRABBSS Assessment
  • 2 more Framing Techniques
  • Funnelling and questioning techniques
  • Underpinning Knowledge and application Humanistic Theories.


Deeper conversation is a natural conversation that we can all have with each other through Experiential Learning Activities. Throughout the workshop, you will then learn to have deeper conversations with your participants when you are facilitating.

This workshop is NOT FOR EVERY FACILITATOR. In order for you to truly get what "Deep Conversation" is, we will, in the workshop, be having "Deep Conversation"s with one another because:

  • It is about seeing some of your blind and deaf spots. 
  • It is about discovering more about yourself
  • It is about knowing the impact you have on others

You must come prepared with personal goals and clear purpose, as well as an open mind and heart to engage.

This workshop is for experienced facilitators who are facilitating Leadership and Discovery Based Character Development Programs. 
  • Looking for ways to have deeper debriefing with participants.
  • Wanting to understand how to consistently having deep conversation.
  • Applying Humanistic Theory and seeing it in action
  • Exploring for tools and skills to develop as a more competent facilitator.
  • Discovering more about yourself

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