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From Teacher To Facilitator

With the rapid explosion of social media and easy access to online content, provision of information will not be the sole responsibility of an educator very soon. Educators will be called upon to engage and facilitate our learners in thinking and understanding. This shift will change our responsibility and our roles from Teacher to Facilitator.

The notion of Learner-Centered Learning has been around for ages. Early theorists like John Dewey, Jean Piaget and Carl Roger have been advocating these ideas of focusing on learner needs and individuality. Recent pedagogies or learning theories such as Multiple Intelligence, Differentiated Instructions, Collaborative Learning and Cooperative Learning are providing the WHY as well as the HOW to support Learner-Centered Learning.

However, when you walk into a classroom or lecture theater, you are still likely to see the “CHALK and TALK” or “FRONTAL TEACHING” approach of teaching being used.

Overall, educators do not lack great learning theories nor do they lack the BIG “How”. Rather they are looking for specific strategies and techniques that they can learn and apply quickly in their classroom.

This is exactly what Pivotal Learning Teacher Workshops are focusing on. In addition to teaching these strategies and techniques, we model them during our workshops.


We utilise Brain-Based Learning and Experiential Learning to support these theories and their application in classrooms. Our workshops range from 3 hours to 2-day sessions. Please contact us for more details.

  • Green Light Classroom – This workshop focus on the specific strategies and techniques to implement brain-based interactive learning environment.

  • Brain-Based Learning Workshop – This workshop is based on Eric Jensen’s work in the field of Brain-Based Learning. It provides the “WHY” and specific “HOW” to implement classroom lesson to be brain-friendly.

  • Experiential Learning - The aim of this workshop is to deepen the practice of reflection in CCE, Service Learning, Learning Journey, Values-In-Action as well as Corporative Games.

  • Process Facilitation – Tired of low participation rates in meetings and group discussions? This workshop gives “process tools” to create a participative discussion environment with great take aways for both facilitator as well as participants.

  • Character Development Through Cooperative Activities – Cooperative activities are more engaging and experiential than a video shown on character development. We will equip you with many activities that you can take away and implement in your classroom.

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Workshops - Building our students' social emotional skills are becoming a pressing need for educators. We can no longer assume that each of our students has these competencies. We must actively equip them with these competencies through interactive lessons.These workshops provide teachers with specific strategies and techniques for Social Emotional Learning.

  • Thinking Based Learning - Instead of saying our students are not thinking wide and deep enough, we should start building "critical thinking" into our project works, lessons as well as group discussions. These workshops equip teachers with process facilitation skills to build "critical thinking" skills for our students.

  • Service Learning Workshops - Our Service Learning Workshops strengthen your distinctions between SL and CIP and explore various models of the SL Cycle. Equally important in these workshops covered is supporting your students in the reflection of their experience.

  • TSR / Guidance Workshops - This series of workshops focus on strengthening Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) and provide valuable skills to teachers to provide guidance to students. 

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