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With the rapid explosion of social media and easy access to online content, provision of information will not be the sole responsibility of an educator. Educators will be called upon to engage and facilitate our learners in thinking and understanding. This shift will change our responsibility and our roles from Teacher to Facilitator.

The notion of Learner-Centered Learning has been around for ages. Early theorists like John Dewey, Jean Piaget and Carl Roger have been advocating these ideas of focusing on learner needs and individuality. Recent pedagogies or learning theories such as Multiple Intelligence, Differentiated Instructions, Collaborative Learning and Cooperative Learning are providing the WHY as well as the HOW to support Learner-Centered Learning.

However, when you walk into a classroom or lecture theater, you are still likely to see the “CHALK and TALK” or “FRONTAL TEACHING” approach of teaching being used.

Overall, educators do not lack great learning theories nor do they lack the BIG “How”. Rather they are looking for specific strategies and techniques that they can learn and apply quickly in their classroom. This is exactly what we are offering.

Staff Professional Development Workshops

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PAL Facilitation Workshops

Programmes for Active Learning for the Pri 1 & 2 been around since 2010. The focus is to engage students via 4 domains of activities to learn about Social Emotional Competencies and strengthen characters.  

There are 2 key areas teachers are keen to do better, namely: REFLECTION & BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT. We have designed various workshops to support teachers in these areas.

We have also been assisting schools in updating their PAL Lesson Plan to ensure coherence between objectives, activities and questions. 

CCA Facilitation Workshop

The based pedagogy for CCA (Co-curricular Activities) is Experiential Learning. The beauties of CCA are the experiences in these sessions are real, authentic and very teachable. Yet the challenges in facilitating these activities are the unstructured and unpredictability of these experiences. 

Unlike FTGP, CCE Lessons and PAL where there are structured lesson plans, how do teachers develop the necessary ability to facilitate these learning. How does teachers leverage on Active Review Tools?
CCE Facilitation Workshop

Professional Development for Teachers is identified as one of the five key elements of effective CCE programmes and implementation. Though, Schools are provided with CCE curriculum and guide to support teachers in the implementation of CCE curriculum, additional professional development will significantly help teachers moving from teaching to FACILITATING CCE lessons.

We have managed to customise and align our CCE Facilitation Workshop with the CSI Framework and engaging teaching strategies in the CCE Guides. This alignment creates a seamless learning and application of these framework and strategies in the CCE Lessons. 

Classroom Facilitation Workshops

How does teacher move from TELLING to FACILITATING? There are specific lesson design considerations, classroom culture building and facilitation skills needed to achieve it. In these series of workshops, we unpacked the key skills for classroom facilitation such as:
  • Use of Structures to promote discussion
  • Integrating Inquiry Model into lesson design
  • Getting responses effortlessly from students
  • Asking better questions
PLT Leader Facilitation Skill Workshop

Professional learning communities are groups of professional educators who meet regularly to reflect upon and discuss their instruction and student work. They can be organized in a variety of ways, including by grade, grade span, or subject area. 

The base competencies  of this workshop come from Process Facilitation. We contextualise these competencies to help PLT Leaders to effective support their teams in problem identification and solution generation. We been conudcting this workshop in The Academy of Singapore Teachers since 2010.

KP Retreat & Staff Retreat 

Many school leaders are recognising that teaching staff should be the custodians of school VMV and cultures. They also realised that having KP facilitating such session may not draw out honest and real responses from staff. Due to our familiarity of the school systems, more schools are engaging our services for such projects.

These projects could range from a half day session to a multiple sessions over a period of time. We also integrate teambuilding actvities into such to ease the tension of discussion and strengthen relationship in the process.


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