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This workshop was formally known as Basic Facilitation Workshop. However many graduates of the workshop told us that the workshop is NOT Basic at all as it covers critical and valuable skills that even experienced facilitators are taking away great learning. For novice facilitators, it provides the necessary structure and framework to guide them in Experiential Learning Facilitation. Thus, we decided to rename our Basic Facilitation Workshop to Enhanced Facilitation Skill Workshop :)


This course is extremely beneficial & eye opening. Allow me to go more in depth to understand the science of facilitation at least at the basic level.

Strongly encouraged – whether for novice or experienced facilitators.

You would benefit from the workshop and is strongly recommended to attend if you want to be an effective facilitator.

It's an engaging workshop which will trigger the thoughts of people and allow you to learn a structured way to debrief a group.

It opens your thought and paradigm of facilitation. It definitely worth more the price of the course

A great workshop for both skilled and novice facilitators alike. No matter where you are, there is something to learn.

This course is useful for beginner facilitators as well as experienced facilitators & programmers. The curse sets a good scaffold to develop & deliver

Facilitation is both an ART as well as a SCIENCE. The artist learns the SCIENCE of ART by learning the science first such as different types of brush, paint, canvas, color matching, etc. The ART portion is developed through repetition, practice and guidance. This workshop will provide you with the SCIENCE portion of facilitation and you will learn:
·       3 distinctions that make debriefing works
·       2 framing techniques
·       5 key debriefing techniques that have lots of varieties
·       3 ways of creating full value contract
·       Principles of Experiential Education
·       Transference of Adventure/Outdoor Learning Theories into Experiential Learning Settings


This is our basic level of our experiential learning facilitation workshop. It builds the necessary foundation for more advanced facilitation skill workshops that explore deeper learning experiences as well as program design workshops

If you are looking at collecting more activities, we have other workshops that offer you a bag of activities. Debriefing is one of the hardest skills for a facilitator to "make easy" the learning process. This workshop is specifically designed to helps you in making debriefing a success.


Experienced Facilitators

  • To get more consistent results.
  • To understand why certain things work, and don't.
  • To have a structure in facilitating

Novice Facilitators

  • To improve your facilitation skills
  • To build up debriefing competency
  • To get a grip on facilitation

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