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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I need to Be Certified?

At this point of time, most countries (including USA and Singapore) do not require a practitioner to be certified to any standard for challenge courses. As a company, we encourage more training and not certification. We believe that practitioners who spend time upgrading their skills and knowledge would have no problem being certified.

Certification is a process of validating your skills and knowledge. It is part of your training journey and not the end point. So before you decide to invest your money into certification, think about whether it is necessary. Else it may be better to invest in better and more training.

Is ACCT Certification accepted by MOE Outdoor & Adventure Learning Centres (OALCs)?

Yes. MOE OALCs accept the ACCT Level 1, Level 2 as well as CCM certifications. However, after your certification, you a required to attend a day of orientation conducted by MOE. This is to orientate you to the systems and procedures adopted by MOE at its centres.

We managed to integrate our Basic and Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner training together with the MOE Orientation.

What is/are the difference(s) between OBS Level 1 & 2 Certification and ACCT Certification?

The differences are difficult for us to assess or comment on. We can speak only on behalf of what we are doing. 

Our certification is based on the ACCT Standard and we have been accredited by ACCT to conduct the certification. All training and certification must be conducted by a Certified Training & Tester (CTT) under ACCT's requirements and we are subjected to review by ACCT every 3 years.

Our CTTs are required to meet ACCT stipulated QCP requirements. You may click here to find out more about the QCP requirements.

Must I take the certification progressively?
Not necessarily. You may choose to take any level of certification as longs you meet the pre-requisites.

What are the advantages of attending training by Pivotal Learning?
One of the prerequisites for certification is Training Hours. Attending our training will provide necessary training hours towards your certification. It is also important to realise that the Training Hour must be deliver by a Qualified Person (QP). As a PVM for Training and Certification, we are a Qualified Person for Training.

Moreover, we can only certify practitioners to the content we cover and familiar with. By attending our training, you can be assured that the course contents meet ACCT Standard and our certification requirements.

Why are Specialty Elements separately tested?
Most places has High Elements such as Burma Bridge, Multi-vines, Cat Walk etc that have very similar set up procedures. However Speciality Elements are typically set up and operated differently. Thus, these Specialty Elements must be tested separately.

How do I maintain my work experience hour?
You may download this portfolio to start documenting  your Work Experience Hours. 

How do your company verify the accuracy of my documented hours?
It is an integrity system where a practitioner records his/her own Experience Hours. Our staff will make contact with you to discuss your portfolio once you submitted it for certification. We may also make calla to companies, trainers who you have indicated in your portfolio. We will fulfil our due diligence to verify the accuracy of your portfolio. 

In the unlikely event where we are uncertain about your level of competency based on your portfolio, we may request that you take the previous level of certification prior to proceeding to the higher level of certification.

What if I have sufficient working hours but not enough training hours or vice versa for either certification or re-certification?
In both cases, we will not be able to conduct the certification for you. The prerequisite are the minimum required by ACCT Standard.

More clarification - please contact us.

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