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Thank you for sharing about the presenter. Would be good if can provide music list (title of songs) of what’s background, upbeat, soothing music. Thank you for the engaging, enriching and interesting sharing. 

(Gao Chujuan)

I like the way you talk, tone, control of music and powerpoint when giving course. 
(Lin Jiaying)

Your workshop is very engaging. I feel empowered and absolutely ready to try some of the activities.

Thank you for putting into words actions that we undertake in the classroom. It helps reaffirm that what I am doing is good for the pupils. I have enjoyed this training the best in my years in service.

The framing approach depends on student’s perspective and can be challenging to apply at all times. One takeaway is being positive in approaches we learnt in the workshop. Hope to get the music list though!! :) 

Thank you. It’s has been a refreshing time to learn and pick up skills that can be used in the classroom.


"Its time to re-kindle students enthusiasm for learning. The danger is that traditional, lecture-dominated, RED LIGHT teaching promotes boredom, apathy and disengagement…… GREEN LIGHT teacher….. is willing to learn, willing to change, and willing to seek ways to improve….”

Dr. Rich Allen

Green Light Classrooms

Teaching Techniques That Accelerate Learning

Used by teachers all over the world, Dr Rich Allen's strategies have proven to lift academic results, improve classroom discipline and foster creativity. They are particularly effective for today's students who are often found to be disengaged in a traditional classroom environment and constantly being influenced by the massive stimulation from their contact with the online world.

Dr. Rich Allen is the author of more than 10 books in the field of Accelerated Learning, Brain-Based Learning Strategies and Engagement Strategies in classroom.


Green Light Classroom 1 (1-day, 20 – 150 participants)

Introduction to brain-based learning strategies.


  • Reading the Crest Of The Wave and adapting to the needs of students
  •  Holding students' attention through state management
  • Giving effective directions - getting students organized quickly
  • Using music to enhance learning and recall
  • Making Material Memorable - Part 1
Note: We can break this workshop into a series of 3-hour workshops

Green Light Classroom 2 (1-day, 20 – 150 participants)

Follows up and builds on Green Light Classroom 1, elaborating on the core strategies, showcasing additional tools and introducing new techniques.

  • Understanding and challenging current educational paradigms
  • Creating an emotionally safe learning environment
  • Creating positive mental images
  • Framing lessons - connecting content to students' interests
  • The Five-Part Model: How to design an interactive lesson
  • The power of precise word choice
  • Effective use of visuals
  • Making Material Memorable - Part 2
Note: We can break this workshop into a series of 3-hour workshops

Next Steps (2-day, 15 – 40 participants)

Next Steps is a coaching workshop that is a follow up to the Green Light Classroom 2. In this workshop, participants will present their lesson by applying the Green Light Classroom strategies and are given in-time feedback to improve the application of the strategies.

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