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Leading Engaging Workshop

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The Impact Teaching Workshop been re-brand to Leading Engaging Workshop. This is a dynamic training that will equip you with simple yet effective and critical yet efficient skills to make your training:

HIGHLY ENGAGING – your participants will be excited and wanting to participate.

MEMORABLE – your participants will remember the content you provide for a LONG TIME.

  • ENJOYABLE – not only will they learn valuable skills and content from you, they will also enjoy your workshop.

IMPACT TEACHING focuses on the “HOW” aspect of Brain-Based Learning. Instead of learning the “brain jargons”, you will learn specific presentation and training skills that are based on research.

This is not another Train-The-Trainer workshop. It is a workshop that will improve your presentation and delivery skills.

Too many presenters forget that they have a group of human beings in a training room. Learners are not computers that you can simply download “information” into them. This form of training is inhumane!!

This workshop is for trainers who are keen to deliver “HUMANE PRESENTATION”!! Through this workshop you will learn pivotal skills such as engaging, influencing, affecting and respecting your learners’ needs.


Create Engagement In Online Workshop

The reality is -  it is getting harder to engage learners on the digital platform where there are tons of distraction. In this workshop, we will show you ways to create engagement in online learning platform.

We will be using ZOOM as the online video platform for this training. However, the application is across all online platforms.


  • Experience online a range of engagement tool.
  • Learn 6 categories of engagement tool.
  • Take away 30 over specific ways to engage your learners online.

Duration - 3 hours

Increasing Learners Motivation

Besides increasing engagement, many trainers want to increase learners motivation while they are attending online sessions. 

There are specific skills and techniques to do so. Trainers who are constantly creating highly motivated learners are intentional in achieving it



  • Shift perspectives on learners' motivation
  • Explore various effective ways of creating buy-in for learning.
  • Learn specific techniques to increase learners' motivation

Duration- 3 hours

Face-To-Face Version


If you are committed to have your learners do the following:

  • Being constantly engaged purposefully.
  • Putting their efforts to learn. 
  • Learn with their peers. 
  • Have FUN while learning content. 
  • Remember the content. 
  • Extend attention span
  • Want to come back for more........

Then this workshop is for you!

Impact Teaching Module 1 (ITW)

This is the foundation workshop in the Impact Teaching Workshop series. This workshop builds the key skills components that support trainer in delivering an engaging workshop. It also lays the foundation for Impact Teaching Module 2 - NEXT STEP Workshop (NSW).


  • Managing Learners' State to maximise ATTENTION SPAN
  • Effective Direction that promotes INTERACTIVE LEARNING
  • Using Music Effectively in your Training Room
  • Framing to increase Interest and Motivation
  • Teaching with the way our Memory Works


State Changes  - Manage learners’ states to keep them engaged and extend their attention span.

Effective Direction - Keys to creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. 

Framing - Increases interest and motivation that are critical in any learning environment.  

Choice of Words - Understand the effects of our choice of words and learn how to use them to your advantage. 

Getting Responses -  Remove the awkward silence after a question is being asked. And more......

Impact Teaching  Module 2 - NEXT STEP Workshop (NSW)

NEXT STEP focuses on more skill sets plus coaching for presentation. In this workshop, participants will deliver a 30min segment presentation by applying the Impact Teaching skill set learnt. 


  • Your Words Create Your Training Room
  • Paradigm of Training & Education
  • 5-Part Brain Compatible Lesson Planning Model
  • I & WE Model
  • Specific Techniques based on Feedback from Presentation such as:
    • Question / Clarify / Question
    • Getting Responses
    • Pause For Visual
    • Vocal Italic

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