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Intentional Adventure Programming


This workshop is designed to help Adventure Education Practitioner to design Adventure Programme in a Intentional Manner. Too frequent, we have hit and miss programming i.e. it works for some but miss for others. However, this workshop is not a miracle workshop!! It will increase the likelihood of the programming affecting more people.

 You will take away from this workshop:

  • Understanding Educative and Un-educative Learning Experience.
  • Beyond basics in Tuckman's Group Development
  • Adventure Programme Sequencing based on researched model - Multi-Level Programming
  • Intentional activity design
  • Integrating Adventure Wave into Programme Design
  • Making The Horse Thirsty - Insight into Implementation of Challenge By Choice.


The programme form the facilitation competency of our ACCT L2 Curriculum!!

If you want to design intentionally with deep consideration, then this is the workshop for you.

So this workshop is only for the following practitioners:

  • Designing of adventure programming
  • Wanting to draw more participants into your activity
  • Interested in gaining more specific insight into adventure programming

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