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Learning Facilitation Design (Online version)

(from Participants of our Online Workshop)

Very interactive and engages all 5 senses I’ve not slept for the past 24 hours and am still excited to keep up with the session! There were many A-ha moments of new things that I want to introduce to my own future training sessions! 
Imran Tahir

It was very virtually-experiential. I honestly have super minimal slides screen time = which is a great thing because the learning comes from every different angle. We were able to see how the technique are being done and something which we are able to utilize it pretty immediately. And to be honest... its been a very fulfilling session! I would usually be distracted when I attended other virtual-trainings/meetings but this... I kinda stick through it! Great stuff YK & Team Pivotal!
Syukri Azman (Syuk)

Learning Facilitation is an intricate blend of process and content. Too much of content does not promote deeper understanding and thinking. Too many processes, learners may leave the room wondering what exactly should they learn.

In this workshop, we dissect key components to make Learning Facilitation reachable to every trainers who want to be more facilitative in their approach of training. These components are easily replicated across content.

A facilitative trainer creates scenarios and spaces for participants to construct their knowledge instead of downloading content. The process of constructing the knowledge build deeper understanding and strengthen memories.

Learning Facilitation is also much more engaging through the use of structure as process to promote the need to discuss and seek understanding among learners.

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