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Engaging and participative. Learn new skills and ideas. Networking to find out what people do in other schools.

Engaging activities is relevant examples and final on facilitation.

Highly interactive. All skills taught are ‘easily’ applied. Very safe environment.
Demonstrations / modelling of good facilitation skills.

Trainer Yen Kai was very engaging throughout the session. Role play was useful in allowing participants to apply learning on the spot.

Activities were well thought, authentic, and can be applied in real situations. They also make use of experiential learning so that we can learn. Very fun and relaxed environment for learning. Transition was smooth throughout too.

Important to remain neutral and decisions should be made by participants. Facilitator should not influence participants.

Facilitation skills and a lot of practice, practice, practice!

Facilitators need not be content expert, more importantly facilitators should remain neutral and promote healthy participation of all individual

“Process Facilitation is a participatory method 

of engaging participants in generation and collection of ideas, 

followed by the convergence of these ideas through various decision making methods.”

Facilitator Network Singapore (FNS)

Process Facilitation is the key facilitation technique and set of strategies that support teachers in the following tasks:

  1. Conduct engaging meetings that are effective and efficient
  2. Support team members in Professional Learning Team, Learning Circle to generate ideas and converge those ideas into actions
  3. End Of The Year Strategic Planning Retreat
  4. Facilitative teaching in classroom

Our workshops been selected by The Academy of Singapore Teachers in 2011 and 2013 to support teachers in acquiring critical facilitation skills in implementing Professional Learning Community as well as Learning Team. We delivered more than 20 runs during that period and gain rave review with teachers attended the workshop.


  1. To differentiate between different type of facilitations style.
  2. To acquire a range of divergence and convergence process tools to support team discussion and decision making process.
  3. To prepare and conduct facilitated session utilising the different stages of facilitation.
  4. To learn strategies to manage difficult behaviours during discussion

Workshop Design:

Our workshop is designed utilising the following methodologies:

  1. Experiential Learning Lesson structures to provide experience and hands on in facilitation.
  2. Competency Based Learning that engages teachers in the DOING more than the KNOWING.
  3. Active Learning strategies through process tools.
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