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Everything we cover in our online workshops are transferable to face-to-face setting.

There are many platform for online learning, we utilise the basic and enhanced features of Zoom to create engaging and interactive learning experiences in our workshops. 

In order to achieve those unique learning experiences via online platform we went beyond online tools such as Kahoot, Mentimeter ... we breakout of the BOX of Zoom ... Ever wonder ....

a)  How to appear in several breakout room at the same time?

b)  It is possible to conduct experiential learning games on Zoom Platform?

c)  How many ways can breakout room be used?

d)  How to run Ambassadorial Sharing using Zoom?

If you are thinking the magic is with Zoom, then you are looking at the wrong place. Is really about thinking beyond Zoom and focus on learners' experiences.


How to continuously get and keep your learners attention in online platform?

This series of workshops are the corner puzzle pieces of our Impact Teaching Workshop. These workshops are designed by Dr. Rich Allen and Yen Kai is the only trainer in the region certified to deliver them. 

C Creating Engagement in Online Workshop - The reality is engagement in the online setting is getting more challenging. With tons of distractions pulling your learners from multiple directions, what can you to engage your learners? In this 3-hour of dynamic and interactive environment, you will

  • Experience a range of quick to apply engagement tools 
  • Collect minimum 6 categories and at least 30 engagement tools

C Increase Learners' Motivation - Beside strengthen engagement, trainer ability to create buy-in and getting learners motivated to learn the content and activities are equally critical. Trainers who are able to consistently create highly motivated learners are intentional in achieving this. In this 3-hour of dynamic and interactive environment, you will

  • Shift your own paradigm about learning and training
  • Explore 2 different ways of creating buy in from your learners
  • Learn specific techniques to increase learners' motivation

How do you talk lesser and
let your learners construct the learning?

Learning Facilitation Design -  Learning Facilitation is an intricate blend of process and content. Too much of content does not promote deeper understanding and thinking. Too many processes, learners may leave the room wondering what exactly should they learn.

In this workshop, we dissect key components to make Learning Facilitation reachable to every trainers who want to be more facilitative in their approach of training. These components are easily replicated across content.

  • 3 Key components in good lesson plan design that promotes facilitation.
  • Experience a range of discussion structures and inquiry model

"ANY QUESTION? ......." -  Are you tired of asking a question and not getting any responses from your learners? Are you wanting your lesson to be more 2 directional? But the same thing kept happening again and again ..... SO HOW

There are many reasons why your learners are not answering the questions you posed. Sometime, silence is GOLD. Yet many times is NOT. Many of these reasons can be taken care by you adjusting you lesson delivery. You will be amazed that many are specific techniques that you can easily learn and apply effortlessly.

  • Learn at least 5 specific techniques that promote responses from your learners.
  • Understand the reasons behind their silence.
  • Experience a sequence of handling silence.

Are you wanting to include more ACTIVITIES into your programmes and debrief the learning experiences?

Experiential Learning Facilitation Part 1
- Due to Covid 19 and the series of safety measures put in place, we may not be able to resume face-to-face training soon. The questions are 



We chose NO to first question and YES to the second question. This belief allowed us to innovate and create activities in online platform. So ..... we converted Enhanced Facilitation Skill Workshop to an 1-day online workshop at this point of time, we are working on making it a 2-day version.

  • 3 key points that make debriefing works
  • Creating of Peak Experience
  • Trigger, Self-Awareness, Reaction, response
  • 5 framing techniques
  • 5 key debriefing techniques that have lots of varieties
  • Differentiating between Observation & Judgement
  • Identifying sequence of questions 

Experiential Learning Facilitation Part 2 - build on foundation skill established and required participants to demonstrate the application during the session. It focus on coaching and finding nuances on the skills gained in Part 1. The outcomes of the workshop are as follow:

  • Foundation of Sequencing
  • Nuances on knowledge and skills in Part 1
    • tweaking activity to create Peak Experience
    • specific point in matching framing to activity
    • applying different debriefing technique
    • questions in debrief

PlayShop - Many of us been using games as a form of ice-breakers and energisers in our face-to-face session. Those who are seasoned with using these probably included them into problem solving, communication activities. With everything moving online, would you like to accumulate a range of activities that you can use online?

Join us for PlayShop -  When Playing and Learning meet :) This is non-stop playing for 3 hours!!! While you are laughing and playing, you will take away - 

  • At least 20 activities that you can quickly integrate into your online workshops
  • A range of activities with possible outcomes such as ice-breaking/energisers, problem solving, initiative and communication.
  • Expand your ability to use Zoom for such activities.

Do you want to conduct more effective meetings, group discussions?
Are you looking at more effectively ways for your team members to make decision?

Introduction to Process Facilitation - With staff working from home or multiple location, the ability to digitally facilitate a discussion, brainstorming sessions are becoming more critical.

In this workshop, you will learn specific BEING and DOING (techniques & tools) so that you can HAVE an engaging session where your participants participate fully. 

  • Identify the role and responsibility of a Process Facilitator
  • Utilise the key steps in process facilitation to keep participants focus and on task.
  • Identify and utilise divergence tools to engage participants for idea collection and generation.
  • Identify and utilise convergence tools to support participants in decision making.
  • Applying Active Listening skill through Paraphrasing, Asking Question, Summarising.
  • Various Check In and Check out methods

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