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Our trainers and associates come with many years of experience. Here is a short introduction about them.

Lye Yen Kai

MEd (Adventure Education), C.MLP Pr, C. BBL, C. Impact Teaching, ACTA, CCM Pr (ACCT, USA), CPF (IAF,USA), CALC (WIAL).

Yen Kai has more than 15 years of training and facilitating experience with educators. His passion is with the development of youths and “PASS IT ON”. He founded The Absorbent Mind Pte Ltd in 2005, which is currently one of the premier youth training companies in Singapore.

Yen Kai is a rare breed as he is trained and skilled in both Hard and Soft Skills, both Teaching and Facilitation. He is a strong advocate  for professionalising the field of Adventure Education Practitioners in Singapore as well as moving Facilitation into classroom for teachers.

He is known to be a dynamic and yet grounded trainer, humorous yet insightful facilitator, engaging and yet thought provoking teacher.  

Andrew Lee

BSc (Computer Science), ACTA, C. EQ Associate (Six Seconds), C. Impact Teaching, John C Maxwell Associate

Andrew has more than 8 years of experience as a Trainer and Facilitator for Leadership Development, Character Development and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). He worked with participants from numerous primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary, government agencies and multi-national corporations.

Andrew is a strong believer in life-long learning, enjoys learning and exploring resources which supports personal growth and leadership development. Exposed to and certified in Brain Based Learning, Impact Teaching and Six Second EQ, Andrew is continuously exploring resources to support and expand his training and facilitation skills. These skills and knowledge have been valuable in his years of experience in training, facilitating and supporting participants.

Danny Toh

BSc Business (Hon) UOL, Specialist Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning, APC 3, ACCT L1 Pr (ACCT, USA)

Danny has spent 9 years in the education and enrichment industry in various capacities from Trainer to Business Development. With a curious mind and constant thirst for knowledge, he is always looking for things to teach and learn.

Having had the chance to experience staying in a kampong in his younger days, Danny is a great believer of using the Outdoors as a Classroom. He believes that being connected to Nature will help everyone develop a higher sense of empathy and care towards each other. Danny is currently working towards ACCT Certification as well as actively promoting Journey-based learning experiences.

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