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Process Facilitation Skill Workshop


This is a precious opportunity to learn from the amazing trainers from Pivotal, who created safe space for learning and empowered all of us to learn from each other. The diversity of the learners also enabled us to see how the skills that we were learning could be applied in different contexts, with the trainers guiding us in this process. It was very valuable to collectively unpack the keys behind process facilitation, which amongst many other things, require us to know our role and practice neutrality. I believe that I walked away with powerful tools and skills that are applicable in a broad range of different works, and going through this session enables me to bring more value wherever I go — across the different settings I work within. Process facilitation as a practice is part-science and part-art, and Pivotal is one of the few trainers who not only recognize this, but is able to skillfully balance teaching both aspects of the practice.
Lim Jinhzhou, Founder  

As someone who practices design thinking and facilitates design innovation workshops, this short and sweet workshop provides a great foundation. I was able to immediately see how impactful the key learning points were. Yen Kai walks the talk and it is great to see how masterful he is in putting the lessons into practice.
Hong Khai Seng, Former Head of FoolProof (Singapore), Founder of Studio Dojo

Process Facilitation is the key facilitation technique and set of strategies that support facilitators in the following tasks:

  1. Conduct engaging meetings that are effective and efficient
  2. Strategic Planning Retreat
  3. Focus Group Discussion
  4. Any form of discussion that requires group to ideate and make decision such as Design Thinking, Professional learning Team, etc.

We aligned our content to The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) ethics and core competency. Should you be keen to pursue a title of Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF, IAF),  at the end of the course, we would connect participants to IAF  as well as other upgrading courses available. 

For more information about IAF, please click

1-day Introduction to Process Facilitation Workshop
This workshop provides the foundation understanding and skills for process facilitator. There is a deep focus on understanding the essence of NEUTRALITY which is the key attribute of Process Facilitator. At the end of workshop, participants would experience or led between 6 to 7 processes. We breakdown the key parts in a process such that you can adapt to other processes not covered in the workshop.

2-Day Process Facilitation Skill Workshop
This 2-day workshop is designed and marketed together with COMMON GROUND to serve a larger purpose of capacity building for the community. As the diversity grows in our community and workplace, the ability to convene and co-create solutions becomes more critical than ever. How do facilitators collect data in a effective and efficient manners, facilitating decision making in a group / community are essential skills.

This workshop include more tools, experiencing output from a process being fed into next process and clearly understand the divergent, emergent and convergent process.

Online Version (Latest)

With staff working from home or multiple location, the ability to digitally facilitate a discussion, brainstorming sessions are becoming more critical.

In this workshop, you will learn specific BEING and DOING (techniques & tools) so that you can HAVE an engaging session where your participants participate fully.


  • Identify the role and responsibility of a Process Facilitator
  • Utilise the key steps in process facilitation to keep participants focus and on task.
  • Identify and utilise divergence tools to engage participants for idea collection and generation.
  • Identify and utilise convergence tools to support participants in decision making.
  • Applying Active Listening skill through Paraphrasing, Asking Question, Summarising.
  • Various Check In and Check out methods


  1. Different Type of Facilitations
  2. Defining Process Facilitation
  3. Differentiating between Content and Process
  4. IAF Core Competencies & Ethics
  5. Gaining and experiencing a range of process tools to ease facilitation
  6. Acquiring key facilitation skills
  7. Hands on and learn between 6 to 7 process tools

Workshop Design:

Our workshop is designed utilising the following methodologies:

  1. Experiential Learning Lesson structures to provide experience and hands on in facilitation.
  2. Competency Based Learning that engages teachers in the DOING more than the KNOWING.
  3. Active Learning strategies through process tools.

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