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What is Play? Perhaps another way of looking at it is WHY we play, because defining play is like trying to explain a joke - analyzing it takes the joy out of it. 

Play, has inherent attraction. Its fun. It makes us feel good. It provides psychological arousal for, when used purposefully, creating learning. 

In this workshop, we will learn how to play. This 1-day workshop will expose you to a collection of propless and prop-less activities, that can be contextualised into a variety of settings for a wide range of practitioners. You will take away from this workshop:

  • Activity Sequencing skills
  • How to choose the right activity for your group
  • A collection of propless and prop-less activities, and variations of the activities.
  • How to tie the activity to debriefing to have it be more meaningful for yourself and your participants.


This is a PlayShop collection of activities that inspire fun and deeper learning, with a basic foundation of how to make it work for your participants using basic facilitation skills. 

If you are looking at debriefing skills or a advanced-level skill set for facilitation, we have other workshops for you, such at the Basic Facilitation Workshop, Deeper Conversations, etc.

This workshop is specifically designed for you to PLAY!


Experienced Facilitators

  • To collect more activities for your future programming.
  • To reset yourself after contributing to your participants for so long, and let your hair down. (After all, Peter Pan needs to rest too. ^^)
  • To get inspiration from your workshop mates.

Novice Facilitators

  • To start collecting activities for your "play-bag"
  • To learn how to set up activities properly to get your desired outcome.
  • To network with the other Peter Pans.