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Empowering Trainers & Teachers with 
Learner Centric Pedagogies

Facilitator / Trainer

We offer a range of workshops to equip facilitators and trainers with the necessary skills to create a Learner-Centred Learning environment. These workshops are highly hands-on and interactive that demonstrate our 3Es: Engage, Experience, Enquire approach to learning. 


  • Impact Teaching (1 or 2-day) – This workshop focuses on the specific strategies and techniques to implement brain-based interactive learning environment. It is based on Dr. Rich Allen's book, "Impact Teaching".

  • Experiential Learning Facilitation Workshop (2-day) - This workshop equips participants with crucial skills in leading experiential learning activities and most importantly support them in the reflection process.
  • Deeper Conversations (2-day) - This is a follow up to our Basic workshop. It offers more reflection techniques as well as framing of activities through fantasy and isomorphic framing.  

  • Intentional Program Design (2-day) - This is a program design workshop that has deep focus on progression, sequencing and layering of concepts to create a powerful experiential learning program.

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