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With the increase in awareness for the need of a neutral facilitator, more organisations are engaging process facilitators to support them in their forums and retreats. Our SIngapore Conversations is one such platform that brings about more awareness of the role of a process facilitator in its forums, discussions and dialogues.

Instead of the conventional dialogue format of having an audience posing questions at a group of panelists, more dialogues are now being conducted using the participative method. The latter engages all audience by having them breakout into small groups. It also utilises process tools such as affinity diagram, world cafe, needs and offers, ambassadorial sharing to deeply engage the audience in divergent and convergent thinking.

Teambulding Discussion

We have experience in conducting both large group forums as well as small group retreats. Yen Kai was a  Lead/Chief Facilitator for the following conferences and forums:

  1. NYC-ITE, Be The Change Dialogue, 2011
  2. NYC-MOE, NSSSLC, 2012
  3. NYC, National Youth Social Sector Conference, 2012
  4. PA WIN, Professional Women Dialogue, 2012
  5. PA WIN, Women Grassroot Leader Dialogue, 2012
  6. PA, Men Dialogue on 3H, 2012
  7. PAYM-ITE YouthSpeak Forum, 2012
  8. PAYM OSC YouthSpeak Forum, 2012 - 2013
  1. PAYM-AISEC OSC Phase II YouthSpeak Forum, 2013
  2. PA SPD OSC Phase II Dialogue, 2013

Contact Us when you have an upcoming dialogue, forum or strategic retreats.

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