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Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

Challenge Courses has been springing up in various parts of Singapore over the past 20 years. Many organisations, institutions and schools have or are planning to integrate Challenge Course into their facilities and curriculum. As the number of courses increases, the demand for a recognized standard for building, operation and training has become critically important.

Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT, USA), which is incorporated in 1993, is a widely accepted standard for the building, operation as well as training and certification of challenge courses. It continues to be the leading standard in the Challenge Course Industry. 

Pivotal Learning is a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) in training and certification for the Practitioner Certification Standard!

Our intention for the accreditation is to provide a well-recognised curriculum to support the development of our Challenge Course Practitioners, to bench marking our competencies to the best practices around the world.

Our workshop focuses on common practices as well as building a well-rounded practitioner in 3 core competencies: Core, Technical and Facilitation. We employ Competency Based Learning, Scenario Based Learning, Problem Based Learning and Facilitative Teaching to ensure our practitioners go beyond RIGHT/WRONG thinking. Our goal is to provide our practitioners with a pair of critical eyes and a thinking hat to understand and explore different techniques and methodologies.


At this point, Pivotal Learning offers the following workshops that are designed and structured to meet the ACCT's Practitioner Certification Standards:

  • Challenge Course Manager Workshop (3-day) - This workshop handles the Operational Management of a Challenge Course. It is an intensive discussion-driven workshop that explores key operational issues such as Risk Assessment & Management, Operating Procedures, Emergency Management Plan and more.

  • Site Specific Training - This is a customised workshop session that caters to specific site training requirements. We will design skill verification tests and trainings, targeting site operating procedures.

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