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Join Us for the rare opportunity of learning from
Ryan McCormick
of High 5 Adventure Learning Centre (USA)

Social Emotional Learning  
Character Development

Workshop 1
Framing The Experience

13 Nov 2017 (Mon)

9:00am to 5:00pm

Fee - $388/=

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Workshop Details

The focus would be on developing the skill of framing by highlighting the significant power of what we say and its influence on moving participants towards specific outcomes.

Intentional framing prioritizing purpose over detail and is at the center of what makes EOL so effective. 

Exploring framing beyond general guidelines, this workshop would be a how-to on intentionally integrating our program themes, goals, and objectives into the framing of activities setting facilitators and participants up for success with reaching outcomes by deepen debriefs and reflections. This would include framing programs sessions, individual activities, and sequences that help leaders drive participants towards specific learning outcomes.   

Workshop 2
Integrating SEL into Programs

14 & 15 Nov (Tue & Wed)

9:00am to 5:00pm daily

Fee - $750/= 

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Workshop Details

The focus would be on integrating SEL into our programs (classrooms and outdoor ed.) It would include SEL competencies (CASEL) and how you integrate them into your programs. 

• Relationship building and setting expectations for classroom behavior (NORMS)
• How to effectively use classroom Norms as a tool
• The foundations of social-emotional learning (CASEL) and adventure in the classroom
• How educators can be role models to inspire social and emotional learning (SEL) development
• Growth-oriented approaches to undesired classroom behavior
• Debriefing and transfer of SEL skills 
• Specific ways to enrich classroom discussion

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